Preliminary design, basic design motorway Gruškovje

Bridge 5-4: The construction is designed as an integral prestressed reinforced concrete construction of a 25 m span, based deep at stakes with 100 cm diameter. The angle of intersection between the axis of the bed and the axis of the road shall be 72.5°. The bridge pillars shall be designed perpendicular to the road axis.
Underpass 3-1: The construction is designed as a 4.50 m span closed frame. The wall thickness is 50 cm and the base plates are 60 cm. The ceiling panel has a variable thickness from 55 cm in the middle to 50 cm when it is fixed to the wall. The building consists of five tunnel linings separated by a waterproof dilatation gap.

Additional information

  • Contracting Authority: DARS/BPI
  • Project phase: Preliminary design, basic design


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