GINEX International d.o.o. was established in 1992. The company’s first objective was only construction. The consequence of this was that the main part of all employees had lower education. After some persistent investment into development, we extended the registration in into civil engineering, planning and commercial activity. This turnabout brought changes into the employment structure and improved the status of employees with higher education, increasing their chances for professional advancement.          
The year 2000 represented an important turning point for the company in the field of planning. We signed the first major contract of planning and technical documentation on the motorway sections Lenart – Beltinci and Cogetinci – Vučja vas in the length of approximately 12 kilometres. The project was carried out in cooperation with DARS d.d., which was the client of the project.
Moreover, another year has an important role for our company. In 2003 we signed one of the biggest contracts of consulting engineering and supervision for the investor HIT d.d., namely for the project »Hit Hotel Casino Maestral – Phase II in Montenegro«.
Our company is successfully working in the field of civil engineering for more than 20 years. We made ourselves valued in many fields of planning, executing and consulting services. High quality and timely accomplishment of our activities are ensured by our skilled employees, good working conditions, selected providers and subcontractors. We encourage professional and personal development of our co-workers, because we build an environment enabling the maximum development and usage of the intellectual potential of individuals with a view to maximise the results of their work and rationalise the organisation of the individual work or professional functions and company areas.

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